Making Gold: Khorium Power Core

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The guy you see on the picture here is a goblin named Qiff, and while they are known to be all greedy and stuff, this one's different. In fact, besides repairing your items, this guy will help you make gold by selling you the widely used engineering reagent (Wowhead says 20 recipes), Khorium Power Core, for almost nothing. Although rare indeed, I've bought a few Khorium Power Cores from him for 4gold and 80s, and oh boy it felt good to resell them later on for 40-50g. Yes, these babies cost a whole lot more than what he sells it for, since it requires 1 Primal Fire and 6 Khorium Ore to make one.
But the trick is, Khorium Power Cores are sold in a limited supply - very limited to be precise. I don't recommend farming the npc for these, since your time can be much better spent. But the next time you're in Area 52 (he's at 32,66), check him out - you could be 50g closer to your epic flying mount.

And while we're still in Netherstorm, there's one other guy you should pay a visit also, Dealer Najeeb. He's located in Stormspire, 45,36. He won't be as profitable as Qiff is, but you have a pretty good chance to snag a few motes off him. He sells all 7 different motes, for 16 silver a pop. It may not seem like much, but suppose you grab 3 motes of air for 48 silver - you can resell them for 6-8 gold. There's no better gold than free gold!
Also, he sells Hardened Adamantite Tubes for 12g, resellable on auction house for 30g each. Both the motes and Hardened Adamantite Tubes are in limited supply, so don't expect to get them each time you check him.
But it's worth a trip, don't you think?

> Making gold: Khorium Power Core

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