Level 29 Enhancement Shaman Twink Guide

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Most people tend to pick rogues as their preferred twink class. Noob class. So are hunters.
When I started playing my shaman, I didn't think about twinking him, however over time I realized how incredibly powerful they are at lower levels, especially 29 or 39 brackets.
Of course, don't expect to one shot mages or warlocks like rogues do, but do expect much more survivability and options.

You need level 40 to wear mail armor, so that is obviously not an option here. You will want as many leather items as possible, due to higher armor values, and stats that suit you. I prefer agility over strength, but it's up to you. I don't slack on intellect either - shocks and totems play an important role to beating any class you face, and healing yourself (or sometimes others) is usefull as well.
I'll be talking here about the best or second best items possible; some are gained from quests, others from instances, and some with honor points. It will take some time to get the honor required for certain items, but you will be doing battlegrounds anyway.

Enduring Cap
Stats: +16 intellect, +7 spirit; 88 armor
How to get it: don't bother faming it, it's a BOE (bind on equip) world drop so auction house is your best friend here. It will cost anywhere between 20g - 100g, depending on your realm's economy and demand.
Enchant: 100 HP (Libram of Constitution), 10-20g on auction house + you have to do a few higher level quests to get it. You can't enchant other people's items with this so try not to make your head soulbound before you enchant it.
Alternative: there are plenty of green items with +agility and/or +stamina, but I prefer this hat due to its high +intellect bonus.

River Pride Choker
Stats: +4 strength, +9 stamina
How to get it: another world drop, meaning you will have to visit the auction house again, and pay somewhere between 20 and 50 gold for this one.
Alternative: Scout's Medallion (or Sentinel's Medallion for Alliance). You will be using River Pride Choker for some time, since you will need honor for rings and trinkets first, so it's not a bad investment.

Watchman Pauldrons
Stats: +3 strength, +11 stamina, +4 spirit; 80 armor
How to get it: auction house again, 30-50g.
Alternative: Forest Tracker Epaulets or Mantle of Thieves. Both world drops. Forest Tracker Epaulets don't look that good so try to avoid it :p
Note: Aldor/Scryer or similar reputation gained enchants make the item soulbound, so don't expect any enchants for your shoulders.

Tigerstrike Mantle
Stats: +8 agility, +7 stamina; 25 armor
How to get it: auction house; this tends to be more expensive on my realm, up to 100g
Alternative: Battle Healer's Cloak (Caretaker's Cape for Alliance), you can get it cheap (95 honor and 10 Warsong Gulch Marks) and they are pretty darn good also, +13 healing is a lot.

Raptor Hunter Tunic
Stats: +4 strength, +3 agility, +16 stamina; 117 armor
How to get it: Raptor Mastery quest chain in Stranglethorn Vale
Alternative: Beguiler Robes, BoE. I had that one because I couldn't afford the experience gained from doing quests. You can't put Burning Crusade enchants on this one though.
Enchant: Major Stats (+6 all stats), or Major Resilience (+15 resilience)

Barbaric Bracers
Stats: +4 agility, +6 stamina, +4 spirit; 47 armor
How to get it: crafted with leatherworking; 5-10g on AH
Alternative: it's too cheap to bother with other items
Enchant: Superior Stamina (+9 stamina), Superior strength (+9 strength), Healing (+24 healing spells)

Wolfclaw Gloves
Stats: +6 agility, +6 stamina, +5 strength; 61 armor
How to get it: auction house, ranging between 50g and 100g usually
Alternative: Toughened Leather Gloves (crafted, 5-10g), Brawler Gloves (AH, 15-30g)
Enchant: Superior Agility (+15 agility) - not sure if it works on items below level 35; if not, you're stuck with +7 agility

Defilers Chain Girdle
Stats: +5 stamina, +24 attack power; 61 armor
How to get it: 175 honor and 20 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor
Alternative: Defiler's Padded Girdle

Troll's Bane Leggings
Stats: +14 agility, +4 stamina, +4 spirit; 90 armor
How to get it: Auction house, 50-100g.
Alternative: Petrospill Leggings
Enchant: make sure not to equip the item before you put Clefthide Leg Armor on them (50-70g). You need to be Level 60 to use enchant the pants, however they do not become soulbound.

Defiler's Chain Greaves
Stats: +8 agility, +8 stamina; 74 armor; equip bonus: +8% run speed
Alternative: none
Enchant: Greater Agility (+7 agility) or Greater Stamina (+7 stamina)

Legionnaire's Band (Horde) or Protector's Band (alliance)
Stats: +6 strength, +6 agility, +4 stamina
How to get it: 95 honor points and 20 WSG Marks of Honor

Thunderbrow Ring
Stats: +8 strength, +3 agility
How to get it: auction house - 20-30g
Alternative: Plains Ring (+8 stamina, +3 intellect), averaging 50g on AH

Insignia of the Horde / Insignia of the Alliance
Use: Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character. 5 minute cooldown.
How to get it: 2805 honor points - it's hard to get on that level, but well worth it
Alternative: there is no alternative, however you can use Rune of Perfection till you get your insignia (118 honor, 30 WSG Marks of Honor)

Defiler's Talisman (Horde) / Talisman of Arathor (Alliance)
Use: Absorbs 248 to 302 physical damage. Lasts 15 sec. 3 minute cooldown.
How to get it: 175 honor and 30 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor.
Alternative: none

Thermaplugg's Left Arm
Two hand axe; 70-106 damage, speed 2.70
Stats: +18 strength, +7 stamina
How to get it: Mekgineer Thermaplugg in Gnomeregan, 18% according to Wowhead.

Two hand axe; 88 - 132 damage, speed 3.80
Stats: +15 strength, +8 stamina
How to get it: drops from Overlord Ramtusk in Razorfen Kraul, 31% chance. It took me 5 runs to get it, but even if it took 20 I would still try.
Alternative: Cobalt Crusher, no stats but nice proc. About 50g on AH.
Enchant: Crusader

It's usefull to equip a shield and one hand weapon when carrying the flag in WSG, so you might want to get these as well:

One hand weapon
Scout's Blade (Horde) / Sentinel's Blade (Alliance)
One hand dagger
Stats: +7 agility, +3 stamina
How to get it: 316 honor points, 30 Warsong Marks of Honor
Alternative: Vendetta, Headsplitter (Headsplitter is usually much cheaper)

Vile Protector
Stats: 1051 Armor, 17 Block, +4 Strength, and an interesting equip proc!
How to get it: I hope you're horde: Compendium of the Fallen quest. Combine that with +18 stamina enchant and you're on a roll.

Marbled Buckler
Stats: +5 strength, +5 agility, +5 stamina, +5 spirit; 775 armor, 17 block
How to get it: a quest in Razorfen Kraul: A Vengeful Fate for Horde, The Crone of the Kraul for Alliance. You need to be level 29 to pick up this quest, so make sure you don't get too much xp and ding 30.
Alternative: Resplendent Guardian or Shield of Thorsen
Enchant: Greater Stamina (+7 stamina) or Resistance (+5 all resistances)

Talent points

Tier 1: Ancestral Knowledge vs. Shield Specialization - 5% more mana isn't much, but you won't be using shield much anyway so Ancestral knowledge is more usefull.

Tier 2: Thundering Strikes - 5% more crits means more damage and more Flurry procs. Improved Ghost Wolf - reduces Ghost Wolf Cast time to 1 second. I find it usefull when chasing players. 3 second cast time is just too much if you ask me, this shouldn't even be a talent. Guardian Totems talent makes no sense, Stoneskin is rarely used, and you don't even have Windwall and Grounding Totem at level 29.
Improved Lightning Shield: although I often use it, I rather put 3 points into something more usefull.

Tier 3: Enhancing Totems - You get Grace of Air totem at level 42, so you would be improving only strength of Earth by 16%... I don't think so.
Two handed Axes and Maces is a must have talent. Will be replaced with a different talent in 2.3, but till then you have to keep it.
Since we have to put 2 points somewhere now, I choose Anticipation rather then Improved Lightning Shield, however you may want to choose the latter.

Tier 4: We only have 5 points to spend now, and Flurry seems like the best choice. Toughness is great, but we ain't fightin' melee classes all the time.

Link to the talent build on Wowhead!


Most of the professions don't have any of the good stuff at level 29; if you need any items crafted they won't be BOP like later in the game.
Engineering on the other hand, has its uses. There are no cool devices or trinkets yet, but you will have access to Iron Grenades, which I find extremely usefull in certain situations. These grenades have a 1 minute cooldown, and take 1 second to cast (you can move while casting). Great for finishing or stopping players, or interrupting spellcasts.

Basic tips for shaman

Although Enhancement shaman are probably the easiest class to master (if there even is anything to master), here's a few tips that might help you if you're new to the class.

  • If you defend a node in Arathi Basin or flag in Warsong, drop totems
  • Use earthbind to slow down players if you have WSG flag (duh!)
  • Use Rank 1 Earth Shock to interrupt spell casting
  • Use Searing and Magma totems when fighting with more opponents
  • Have Lightning Shield on you when possible. It procs on damaging spells you receive also.
  • Heal others when necesarry. Especially if he's carrying a flag. Most of the time you won't smash people fast enough so heals will give you that time.
  • Use bandages. Defiler's Silk Bandage and Warsong Gulch Silk Bandage are incredibly cheap. So is the food. If you can waste 1.000g and more for items and enchants, then you can afford a few bandages.
  • Don't bother casting Lightning Bolt. Make Elemental shaman if you want Lightning Bolts. There are exceptions though, like players running away on low health, but your main tool is your Corpsemaker Thermaplugg's Left Arm.

It will take awhile to get all these items. Find someone (high level) who can help you run instances so you don't end up almost level 30 before you get the necessary items. Also, don't forget about xp gain for discovering new areas.
Making a twink is not cheap, you will spend more than 1000 gold for all of this. Items are not so expensive, but enchants can be. If you have a level 70 alt, grinding gold shouldn't be a problem.
Is it worth spending all that money? I'd say yes. If you're into twinking and wanna melt some faces, go for it!

*post edited to include some items changed in patch 2.3.

Level 29 Enhancement shaman twink guide

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So here I am...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I was thinking about making this blog for some time now, but I've been lazy lately and don't even know where to start.

I was reading WoW forums yesterday and saw all these changes coming in 2.3 patch, some good, but most bad - unless you play a rogue. Basically, I'm pissed. Rogues get buffs, warlocks get nerfs - nothing new, however it can't stop to amaze me how I hate these patches. One day you're a strong class, and then you get some incomprehensive nerf. Ok, you learn to live with it (or play with it) and move on. Until next patch, when something else is nerfed. Where does it end?

I want Wrath of The Lich King. Today! Burning Crusade ain't that bad, but its already boring. I've seen all the 5 mans a gazillion times already, did some PvP, arenas, saw Karazhan, farmed my epic flying mount, did pretty much all the quests. All that on two characters. I'd go level my shaman but to what end - by the time I finish leveling and get decent gear, they will probably be nerfed also.
I want another expansion so I can start over. Maybe even give up on PvP and start raiding. You know what to expect from PvE, you're the reason why you fail, or if you win. That used to be the case in PvP, but since classes are now being balanced for 2v2/3v3 arenas, it will get only worse.

There's one thing to remember about PvP: whenever you feel like you can finally beat someone, your class will be nerfed next patch. Don't bother posting on forums - all you'll get is l2p noob.

> So here I am...

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