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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yet another warlock nerf moved to

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Teh Gladiators

Saturday, May 3, 2008

There are various ways that you can break stealth in the arenas. A well-timed Demoralizing Shout will pull any rogue out of stealth. A Piercing Howl is good too, the kind you get if you listen to Justin Timberlake songs really loud. In fact, I'm pretty sure Justin Timberlake would pull any rogue out of stealth with his voice, or, at the very least, would cause a ticking bleeding effect in their ears which would prevent them from successfully vanishing.

Seems it's popular to link to comics lately, so here's some love for Teh Gladiators from me. The above quote is epic.

Teh Gladiators

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New Medallion

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is it my imagination or is Blizzard just trying to come up with more reasons to grind honor?
This baby will cost us 40,000 honor points for a whooping amount of 25 resilience. Another must-have for serious PvPers, but again, that's going to be a boring grind again just like Battlemaster.
I'm guessing the trinket will be changed soon and require a personal rating of 2000.

> New Medallion

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S4 Rating Requirements - Casual Killer

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The new Season 4 items will have the below personal and team arena rating requirements:

Shoulders: 2200
Weapon: 2050
Head: 1700
Chest: 1600
Legs: 1550
Gloves: none
Off-hand: none

In addition, some of the Season 4 quality items that will be purchasable with honor will also carry a personal and team arena rating requirement:

Boots: 1700
Ring: 1650
Bracers: 1575
Belt: none
Necklace: none
Trinket: none

No more 10 games per week and getting all the gear. No more playing specs for fun (destruction warlocks, balance druids for example). No more boosting friends or selling points.

Getting to 2200 rating for the shoulders is a hard task, I'm not even sure I can get that high. I can't help to wonder, what will happen to all those stuck at 1500 rating or less. Sure, they suck at PvP, but even if they're getting 300ish points per week, they'll be able to get some decent gear with the current system. This change might completely kick the fun part of arena combat and make it elitist only. Even those at 1500 rating invested their time and good will.

Some players are very happy about this change, mostly the ones at 2000+ rating. Sure, you know how to play and you deserved your items, but you didn't get that far just because you had the gear.
You can give full S3 gear to some random scrub and he'll be stuck at 1500 rating, regardless of class (ok rogues might get 1600).

I've played a good part of this season with some close friends, most of them poorly equipped and skilled. But I helped them get some points and learn a few things, and it was fun. We usually got together after arenas and discuss about it (read: me laughing at them). But the point is, it's more fun to play with people you know then some random guys who you've never met.
One of them is a shadowpriest, and it's common knowledge they perform poorly in arenas. He'd probably do much better specced discipline, but he has no healing gear and doesn't want to healbot people.

Let's take a look at some random player who likes doing arenas from time to time. We'll call him Mr. B. Mr. B is a hunter usually found in SSC or TK. He likes killing big monsters with 24 other people, trying out new things like PvP specs, and playing battlegrounds every now and then. Mr. B doesn't have the best gear, nor a whole lotta resilience. But he's got decent ratings and always learns something new.
With his ratings, he won't be able to buy any weapons, head, shoulders, boots, and maybe even rings next season. I really hope he gets better, but if he doesn't play more, he'll be stuck at that rating forever, and won't get many season 4 items. Mr. B is very good at killing those monsters in raids, yet he understands PvP is another game and requires a different mindset. If someone magically gave him all the PvP items, I doubt he would reach 2200 rating anytime soon.

Why would you deny items to a fine lookin' hunter like Mr. B? He's doing ten times better in arenas then most other hunter (or any other class for that matter) bloggers out there and I'd say he's a very happy dwarf. Let Mr. B buy whatever item he wants.

S4 Rating Requirements

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Addons: Proximo 2

Monday, April 21, 2008

Proximo is an arena unit frame which will display your enemies health and mana bars, allow you to target them, and a number of additional goodies. If you missed my review of Proximo, I suggest you do it now.

It's recently been updated to include some new features: race icons, buff & debuff tracking (I still recommend Afflicted for that task), and additional mouse button bindings.

The addon is pretty customizable, so you can choose whether you want to display class/race icons, mana bars, debuffs.

Like its predecessor, you can configure it outside arenas by typing /proximo test. The window can then be moved with ALT-click, and additional options are available by clicking your right mouse button.

Note that the talent inspect feature has been removed, but that's only because Blizzard disabled that particular feature with patch 2.4. Other than that, all old features are present (macros, announcements, focus, all that kind of thing).

Although a number of other similar addons exist (Arena Unit Frames etc.), Proximo is still the king and it's popularity is growing.

Get Proximo 2:,, WoWAce

Previous addons: Reslack, Afflicted, Proximo, Advanced Tradeskill Window, Posessions, Doublewide & Lightheaded, Auctioneer

> Addons: Proximo 2

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The Evolution of Trade Chat

Friday, March 28, 2008

First, there was [Dirge].

Now, it evolved from linking [Dirge] to various spells and talents.
If Blizzard only knew what kind of impact this will have... Dirge lasted for a few months and I still see it at least once per day, but I wonder how long this new [insert spell] will last. The ignore list is far too small to silence all those spammers playing with fire. Yes, I'm trying to think of more spells to link here.

I'm sure a lot of people hope for an opportunity to kick those spammers from trade, but not me. Whatever makes me laugh while idling in Shattrath is good. Just check Arcane Torrent in the picture below.

The Evolution of Trade Chat

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Fixing Combat Log Spam

It's annoying, it can cause low fps, and it's spam. And annoying.

When you zone from an instance to the outside world, the combat log goes through a massive loop, pasting every combat log message in the last 5 minutes. I'm sure you have all seen it, and here's an easy way to fix it (courtesy of deleted topic).

1. Select the “Everything” tab
2. /script Blizzard_CombatLog_CurrentSettings.settings.showHistory = false

This will prevent all combat log messages from being re-filtered when you zone.

This will also prevent you from seeing old messages with the “Everything” tab.

How to undo
If you accidentally set this on the wrong tab, select the broken tab and type:
/script Blizzard_CombatLog_CurrentSettings.settings.showHistory = true

Simply relog and it should work.

> Fixing Combat Log Spam

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Harry Potter is a Warlock

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The enemy of God! Yes, you heard it right.
Sorry in advance if this offends anyone but I can't stop laughing at it, this must be seen.

Also check out how's it like to be a warlock in 5v5 from oom.

> Harry Potter is a Warlock

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Frostmourne Hungers

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Partnered with Epic Weapons, Blizzard released a limited edition replica of Frostmourne, a sword wielded by Arthas in Warcraft III.
The sword enabled him to defeat the wicked Dreadlord Mal'Ganis, but also cursed him so he became a Death Knight. But who cares anyway. If you want to read more lore check it out on wowinsider.

The sword looks freaking awesome. It will cost you a minimum of $429 (ouch!). If you're interested, read more about the auction here.

Just like with those WoW commercials with Shatner, Mr. T and others awhile back, yet another great marketing stunt by Blizzard.

> Frostmourne Hungers

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Druid Form Skins

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

While the use of these models would be a violation of the Terms of Service (and thus, I wouldn’t recommend it), it is still an amazing showcase of talent and dedication. I have to say that the award for "most improved" goes to his version of Tauren Cat Form, whose newly closed mouth and darker fur make it appear far more majestic than before.

I completely agree with Phaelia, and although I don't really care about my character looks, I have to admit I'm a bit tired of the same old forms. These new look absolutely adorable and I'm sure many players wouldn't mind seeing some changes. Screw the Sunwell, give us new models!

> Druid Form Skins

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