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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Afflicted is a PvP timer mod, which shows you enemy silences, interrupts and buffs in a convenient way. Although the name of this mod might suggest it's for warlocks, rest assured it's not.

You can open the configuration window (image below) by typing /afflicted ui, and change where and how you want it to be displayed.
Afflicted also supports notification via party chat and raid warnings, so you can easily notify your (arena) teammates of important events, such as counterspell resists or similar. You can also configure it to show such events only to you so you don't spam other people's chat frames.

It supports the following buffs and spells (and more can be added manually):
Buffs: Divine Shield, Ice Block, Blessing of Protection, Blessing of Freedom, Blessing of Sacrifice, Blessing of Protection , Cloak of Shadows and Spell Reflection, Pain Suppression
Spells: Silencing Shot (Hunter), Silence (Shadow Priest), Feral Charge (Druid), Spell Lock (Felhunter), Counterspell - Silence (Mage - Imp CS), Kick (Rogue), Pummel (Warrior), Shield Bash (Warrior) and Earth Shock (Shaman).

Is the addon useful? You bet it is. Knowing your enemies cooldowns on counterspell/kick/pummel etc. is an invaluable asset in arenas, so if you're looking for a simple addon to help you track it, look no further.

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