Sorry Mate, You Have to PvE

Saturday, February 16, 2008

First, they added PvP cloaks which you can buy for 60 Badges of Justice (BoJ). Then there's items like Hex Shrunken Head, Warglaives of Azzinoth, Berserkers Call and many more which are far better for PvP then some Shankers or Slicers. Tidewalker in SSC drops this ring which is pretty good actually; here's one from Hydross. I wish I could get Seal of Danzalar for my warlock, the armor bonus would be awesome.

Battlemaster's Cruelty (and other versions) can be bought for BoJ as well as honor. Karazhan and Zul'Aman bosses are now dropping Badges of Justice, and after patch 2.4 you'll get them in 25-mans as well. In fact, all the new PvP stuff in 2.4 can be obtained via PvE, even the welfare epics.

I got Jewelcrafting on my lock, and there's no way to get the best gems without going to Hyjal, except buying them for hundreds of gold a piece from the auction house.
I unlearned herbalism on my druid recently and leveled up enchanting. Having extra 40 healing on rings feels good, and in PvP every bit helps. I can't earn much money with it since I don't have access to most of the formulas people need, like Mongoose, Sunfire, Executioner and many others.

You don't need any attunement to enter battlegrounds, thus every scrub can go PvP anytime they want. Sooner or later, you will get some good items even if you only play an hour or two daily. All those hunters with season 1 gear in battlegrounds are pissing me off; most of them aren't capable of doing anything except autoshot, yet still they manage to do insane amounts of damage and kills. I don't remember the last time alliance had less than 4 hunters in EoTS.

I always thought of battlegrounds as some sort of training grounds, where you learn stuff, where dying doesn't matter much like in raids, a place not just for farming honor to get better items but also to better yourself and gain some skill. If you farmed your Season 1 items mostly AFK, and you wonder why you can't pass 1500 rating in arenas, that's why. You suck, stick to your PvE.

You can AFK in battlegrounds and get honor. You can't AFK in raids and get items. Until Blizzard decides to kick players out, it won't be any different. I didn't hear about anyone getting banned for AFK-ing yet, and even if it's happening, I don't care. I'm in the battleground NOW, and I want those three or ten who are AFK kicked out because we're outnumbered and I want to win.

Now, MMO-Champion reports you will be able to buy Season 1 gladiator items for Tier 4 tokens, Season 2 for Tier 5 and 6 tokens. With T6 tokens from Sunwell you will be able to buy Season 3 gear. How cool is that! No, it's not fucking cool, it's sad.

I like doing battlegrounds and arenas. Sure, it can be frustrating sometimes, but raiding can be as well. Where's my PvE gear for honor? Why can't I buy those damn enchanting recipes with honor?
I don't know about you, but in Wrath of the PvE King I'll be raiding.

> Sorry mate, you have to PvE

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