Warlock's Pet No Longer Scales

Monday, February 18, 2008

It seems warlock and hunter pets are currently not scaling with their master's stats anymore. The only stats which they get are spell damage, intellect and armor, but no stamina or attack power.
What this means, other than being the biggest warlock nerf ever, is that your Felhunter will have about 3000 health, which will make it completely useless in PvP.

There's a few threads about it already (here, here, here and here) so it seems it's not an isolated issue.
Someone did the math in one of those threads, and here's what Felguards look like now:

Example: Felguard
Pre and Post current 2.4 fix.

6200ish hp base
1247 attack power base.

3600 hp base.
343 attack power (no modification from gear)

There's dozens of threads on official forums for a few months now about hunter and warlock pets, all asking for buffs and more scaling, especially getting a part of master's resilience. Our pets are too squishy each passing day, while other classes get more and more damage. It seems Blizzard is doing exactly the opposite.

This issue is not yet confirmed by blues, so it's unknown if this is a bug or an intended change, but I certainly hope it's a bug. This change alone is enough to bring SL/SL and Demonology warlocks to extinction.

Posted by H at 4:13 PM