Addons: Proximo

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Updated to Proximo 2!

Proximo is an enemy unit frame specifically designed for arenas. It will show your enemies when you or your other team members mouseover them, so you can see who you're fighting with as soon as the match starts.

The frame will show only when you enter an arena so you don't have to worry about it in instances or whatever.
The size and position is customizable (/proximo for commands; or hold alt and click on the window to move it) so it will fit in any UI.

Proximo can also announce low health, new enemy, player death etc. via party chat or raid warnings. It supports some macros but you won't have to worry about it at first.

Not only is this addon useful, it's also mandatory. Whether you're serious about playing arenas or you just want your 10 games per week, you will get used to Proximo pretty fast.

You can see the full list of features and download it at:,, or Or get the latest version from Wowace.

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Posted by H at 2:27 PM