The World's Slowest Leveler

Monday, December 31, 2007

Here's a guy who won't be writing any leveling guides. Ever. Haggis is his name.
He's been playing World of Warcraft since release, and still isn't 70.
He is ATM attempting to ding for one last time, and is liveblogging about it.

As he said, if he won't die from lack of sleep or go into a diabetic coma, he should be able to achieve his goal. I can't imagine what it's like leveling after more than 2 years - took me about 2 months with my first character. I find joy in pwning noobs in battlegrounds, he enjoys doing hammertime for 15 minutes. Can't figure out if he's a wacko or... just casual?

He's 3 bars away from level 70 now, so show him your support by visiting his site, digging it or posting a nice comment.

> The world's slowest leveler

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