Making Gold: Winter's Veil

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Have you sold any brooms lately? I have to admit it didn't go well as I planned. I sold all flying and swift ground ones (15 of them or so), but didn't have any luck with Magic Brooms. Nobody wanted to buy them so I gave them away for free after a few days of trying. I sold Swift Flying Brooms for 30-40 g a piece so I guess it was worth it in the end.
Don't forget to get rid of the brooms before patch 2.3.2 hits - they will be changed to 14 days realtime duration! Yeah, bastards nerfed them. If nothing else, they will make a great Christmas present for random lowbies in Orgrimmar.

Anyway, back to the topic.

There are 3 recipes which are available only during Winter's Veil, and now's the time to take advantage of it.

Elixir of Frost Power is used in alchemy, and it's quite good for a level 28 elixir. Winter's Might weapon enchant is not great, but some mage twinks might like it. Lastly, Snowmaster 9000 is the only way to get Snowballs till next year's Winter's Veil.

The recipes aren't that hard to get - simply do all the quests and you should easily get at least one. Kaliope has some tips on that!

If you have a profession which can use any of this recipes, learn it just for the sake of it if you want. But just like with brooms, someone will want to buy it eventually, so I suggest you pay a visit to your favorite auctioneer (I like the one on the left in Orgrimmar's AH, how about you?) and buy as many as you can - for a reasonable price of course, which greatly depends on the realm but I'd say less than 40g.

Keep the recipes somewhere safe, and hope there won't be too many people doing the same thing. Trust me, in 2-3 months, you will easily get over 100g per recipe.

P.S. Here's some great tips on making gold with alchemy!

The most obvious way to make money with Alchemy is to transmute Earth to Water, since earth generally goes for 3 to 5 gold and Water goes for 15 to 20 gold. Get your Sporeggar rep up to Revered and start doing this transmute daily. It is the easies 10 to 15 gold you will ever make.
I was actually gonna make a post about it but too late now. And I wouldn't say this is obvious - I still see dozens of tards selling Primal Might transmutes etc. in trade channel for 5 gold.
If you choose transmute mastery, I recommend transmuting either Primal Might or Skyfire Diamonds. And not for someone else's mats and giving them the procs for a measly 5g! You'd have to be insane to do that. Take a couple of hours and farm the mats yourself or just buy it on AH.
If you have elixir or potion mastery, transmuting Primal Earth into Water is, as stated, the easiest 10-15g you will ever make. Each day.

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