Farming Netherwing Reputation

Friday, December 14, 2007

Galoheart really inspired me today - he got from neutral to exalted with Netherwing in only 6 days!
I've tried doing the Netherwing quests some time ago, but found it a bit dull, and Netherwing Ledge is kinda out of the way, unlike Skettis, where I can also often finish daily cooking quest as well.

I'm usually not THAT dedicated about farming, nor I want the netherdrake mount, but as I said - I'm a bit inspired right now and might get started with those quests again. And if (or when) I do, I'll definately remember to look for tips in Galoheart's guide he posted:

At Neutral with Netherwing faction you start off with having to report to Dragonmaw camp on Netherwing ledge which gives you reps from the Quest giver in Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon Valley. Prerequisite is having 300 Flying skill and Mount.

You can do about 3-4 Quests/Dailies starting from Neutral. One or two the quests are one time quests for reps. If your a Miner/Herbalist/Skinner you get to choose to do One quest that match your skill for gathering for Netherwing.


The quicker you can get to Friendly you more daily quests open up. So do too at Honored & at Revered. Eventually you reach up to about 9 Daily quests including some one time quests you get to do at the different levels. There is one quest thats always in Shadowmoon Valley at Scryer or Aldor camp which you always have to remember to check and do easily or you will forget to do at Revered. So you want to get to Friendly-Honored-Revered as fast as possible.


When you get to Revered your doing all the dailies you can do. Finding Eggs from Mob kills, Hidden Eggs, Mining & Herbalism (need Skill) or on island or Dragonmaw camp is how you find them.

Be sure to check his post for the full guide, and some nice screenshots!

> Farming Netherwing Reputation

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