Addons: Proximo 2

Monday, April 21, 2008

Proximo is an arena unit frame which will display your enemies health and mana bars, allow you to target them, and a number of additional goodies. If you missed my review of Proximo, I suggest you do it now.

It's recently been updated to include some new features: race icons, buff & debuff tracking (I still recommend Afflicted for that task), and additional mouse button bindings.

The addon is pretty customizable, so you can choose whether you want to display class/race icons, mana bars, debuffs.

Like its predecessor, you can configure it outside arenas by typing /proximo test. The window can then be moved with ALT-click, and additional options are available by clicking your right mouse button.

Note that the talent inspect feature has been removed, but that's only because Blizzard disabled that particular feature with patch 2.4. Other than that, all old features are present (macros, announcements, focus, all that kind of thing).

Although a number of other similar addons exist (Arena Unit Frames etc.), Proximo is still the king and it's popularity is growing.

Get Proximo 2:,, WoWAce

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