Making Gold: Jaggal Pearl

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I've inflated prices on Jaggal Pearls on my realm, usually they cost 2-3 gold now, but as always, there are ignorant players who don't care or know about this and sell it much cheaper. Before I figured this one out, these pearls used to cost 15-30 silver a piece.
So what's the catch?
Jaggal pearls aren't used by many recipes, so the price is pretty low. Even Wowhead shows 15s buyout price. These pearls can be found in Jaggal Clams, which you will get more than enough if you run Steamvaults twice to exalted as I did. Too bad I didn't know this from the beginning. Still, if you don't run instances, you will find more then enough of these pearls on your Auction House. In patch 2.10, some jewelcrafting recipes were introduced which require these pearls, and one of them is Purified Jaggal Pearl, it's a +7 healing & +3 spirit gem. A vendor will give you 10 silver for one pearl, however when cut into Purified you can sell it to vendor for 1g. Cutting it will also require one Purified Draenic Water, which you can get from almost any food&drink vendor. I like to buy it from Scryer Innkeeper but it's totally up to you :). It costs 3 silver 20 copper.
So, 3 silver 20 copper for water, 15s for pearl - let's say that's 20 silver for an item you can vendor for 1g as many times as you want. Being a jewelcrafter myself, I have more profits since I don't pay myself any fee, but get 20 of these, find a jewelcrafter, give him 5g for cutting 20 pearls, and you still profit 11g if my math is correct. Do this once per day, and it will add up. If you want, you can even sell Purified jaggal pearls on AH for 2-3 gold for even more profits, depending on your realm's economy. Personally, I don't like to sell these gems on AH due to their high deposit costs.

If you know any items which can be sold like this, let me know! My email is in my profile.

> Making gold: Jaggal pearls

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