2.3 - Farming Badges of Justice, again

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ysira from Kargath posted these new item screenshots on Test Realm forums. They can be obtained with Badge of Justice, currently a drop from heroic instances. In patch 2.3, badges will drop also from Karazhan bosses, as well as Zul'Aman, and you will even be able to get some from the new daily quests for instances.

Trinkets, neck, off hand and wand - screenshot
I especially like the wand - it will be much better then my Wand of the Netherwing. Spell damage+stamina gem , or just stamina will fit perfectly in the blue socket.

Cloth items & Back - screenshot
Excellent tanking cloak; other cloaks will probably be used widely for PvP, since they have resilience. Melee cloak has armor penetration on it - more rogue/warrior buffs, just what my warlocks needs.

Leather items - screenshot
All I can say is OMG - I know my druid will love some of this stuff!

Mail items - screenshot
Enhancement shamans will be particularly happy about these.

Plate items - screenshot
Cool, tankadins and retnubs finally get some nice items.

Librams, idols, totems - screenshot
Oh boy... 20 badges for this babies is nothing! Feral druids (like me :p) will be pleased - there's a new idol which has a proc on mangle to increase your agility by 65 for 10 second.

So this is it - I don't believe any class or spec left behind, there's a bit for everyone. I'm a bit tired of farming heroic instances for badges, but with the addition of daily quests it might be faster.

> 2.3 - Farming Badges of Justice, again

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