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Monday, October 1, 2007

Auctioneer is an addon that allows you to view information about an item that may be useful in helping you determine what it's worth.

Straight out of the box, Auctioneer knows much about many items in the game, and will tell you many additional things about the item in the tooltip:

  • item cost when buying/selling to vendor
  • how many of the item can be stacked
  • what professions or quests need the item
It can be difficult to select the correct pricing points for your item at the auction house. Sometimes the prices and value of your items can be different from vendor price due to many factors, the value of items that can be made from your item, the use of a particular item in a quest, the suitability of a particular weapon or armor to specific classes, and the disenchantability of an item to enchanters.

You can use the Auctioneer's Scan Auction feature to record how much items are being priced at on your realm's Auction House (AH), so the next time you mouse over them in your inventory, it will show the price of the item on Auction. For the first couple of weeks try to scan the AH once per day, after that once or twice per week will be enough - by then Auctioneer should have a good look at your realm's economy. Scanning process takes usually from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the number of auctions listed at that time, so it's a good time to go make yourself a cup of coffee.

If auctioneer has enough data, when you try to put an auction up for sale, it will attempt to provide you with intelligent pricing points based upon the market data it has accumulated through scanning.
When you drag your item from your inventory window into the Create Auction item slot (or use Alt+click on item), Auctioneer will set a minimum price, a buyout price and display relevant data about it's decision making process underneath in the market analysis pane, as well as telling you how it arrived at it's prices.

Auctioneer also comes with more useful features, such as Enchantrix.
Enchantrix will show you what a particular item will disenchant into, so you can easily see whether the particular item is more worth disenchanting or selling to a vendor. Also, people often put green, and even blue items on AH for a lot less than the shard is worth. You can make a nice profit just by buying those items and reselling shards (or dust or essences).
For example, I often find Heavy Clefthoof Boots for 10-12g bid. Since there aren't many druid tanks out there, the demand is not very high so the prices for this item are really low. The mentioned boots will disenchant into Large Prismatic Shard, which I can sell for 15-18g. Imbued Netherweave items also tend to be cheap, especially chest (see screenshot). Almost all rare (blue) items level 65 and above will disenchant into Large Prismatic Shards. Although rare, there are exceptions, such as Dreamer's Shoulderpads, so make sure you know what you're buying. I learned it the hard way.

Auctioneer has more features which I haven't covered here, you can read more about it on You will get addicted to the addon right after your first scan of the AH and never look back.

I plan to write more about making gold in WoW, and Auctioneer plays a big part in most of my methods, mostly because it saves me a bunch of time. Searching Wowhead for item prices is history, Auctioneer is the tool I can't live without anymore.
So the next time you're jumping around in Orgrimmar not knowing what to do, check the Auction House - scan it, search for some underpriced items, make money. There's gold to be made, and you got the right tool!

Download Auctioneer @

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