Addon Profiler: DoubleWide & LightHeaded

Monday, October 15, 2007

This will save you some money if you plan on buying one of those World of Warcraft leveling guides.
These addons are so simple, yet so brilliant and useful - after a day of questing, you won't look back ever again.


When you click on a quest name in your quest log, LightHeaded will show you the data it has on the quest, like NPC who starts or ends it, the amount of experience it gives, required level etc. Also, it will show comments posted on, where you can often find useful guides, and even more often - coordinates. Usually the comments are "I soloed it at level xx class" (who cares, really?), but someone also posted coordinates for almost every quest. It saves a huge amount of time for me, since there is no longer a need for alt+tab and checking Wowhead, or whatever your favorite wow database site is.
I've found out about this addon when I started leveling my druid 35+, and I have to admit it's really been a breeze, I got from 35 to 70 in a couple of weeks.


DoubleWide is even more simple than LightHeaded, it will only split your normal quest log into two separate parts - left one will display the list of quests, and description and quest text are in another window to the right. It's much more pleasant to browse through your quests and find what you're looking for.

I wish I had these addons when I started leveling my first character. I have to say, as much as I hate questing, I actually enjoyed doing them with these two babies!

Download LightHeaded from
Download DoubleWide from

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