Making Gold: Easy Herbs and Primal Life

Friday, October 12, 2007

Talonsworn Forest Ragers are level 71-72 elite mobs located in Skettis in Terokkar Forest. There are 4 of them roaming around, with approximately 10 minute respawn timer.
Although they often drop green and grey items which can be vendored nicely, the main reason why I mention them is because they can be 'skinned' for herbs . They also drop a fair amount of Mote of Life, which usually goes for 12-14g on my realm (you might want to keep Primal Life if you need any +healing enchants).

They have 29.500 hit points if my MobInfo is correct, and no special abilities except Thunder Clap, which reduces your melee attack speed. Seems high at first, but those numbers are not high these days. Their melee attacks are pretty strong - about 900 damage on cloth; I farm them on my druid and with Demoralizing Roar up, they hit me for less than 400. A few weeks ago, I could barely solo them, but now it's pretty easy, sometimes I don't even have to pop out of bear form and heal, if I get lucky on crits, and they don't. These mobs can be feared and stunned - only class that might have a problem are balance druids or elemental shamans (from the top of my head), since they are immune to nature damage.

Let's take a look at their (herb) loot table.
2-5 Mote of Life 100%
2-8 Dreaming Glory 48%
2-8 Felweed 48%
2-8 Ancient Lichen 26%
2-8 Mana Thistle 26%
2-8 Terocone 26%
1-2 Black Lotus (yes, Black Lotus) 3%

To simplify these numbers, the loot usually looks like the one pictured above. You can see more loot pics here. You get the point by now - each kill should give you a minimum of 6 gold. It takes me a bit more than 3 minutes to kill one of these guys alone.
You don't have herbalism but still want easy gold? No worries, simply group with someone who can herb these mobs and share the profits; let him have the herbs, and you take motes. You get the short end of the stick, but it's still worth it. My favorite setup would be feral druid and shadow priest - mobs will drop like flyes, and no healing will be required besides Improved Leader of the Pact and Vampiric Embrace. Don't worry about respawns, as soon as you're done with all 4, the first should already respawn. Here's the map of their locations if you missed the link above.

And now the obvious question - how much gold can you really make from this? Honestly, I can't say about you - but I do know how much I earn. Primals and herbs are roughly 120g per hour, but being an alchemist myself (elixir spec), there's even more profit since I sell elixirs and flasks later on. So I'd say about 150g per hour. I'm surprised Blizzard didn't nerf these mobs already.
Is it worth it? You tell me.

> Making gold: Easy herbs & primal life

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