2.3 Second Impressions

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I finally had some time to check out the new patch myself, so here's some things I noticed.

New cooking daily quest ain't that bad - I can finally get some Golden Fish Sticks without actually having fishing. You wouldn't believe but I actually had a hard time finding Monstrous Kaliri; usually they are the ones trying to find me.

Still didn't get my Tattered Hexcloth Sack nor have I seen Zul'Aman, but I'm getting close.

It seems Primal Nether can no longer be looted unless you have a profession that can use it.

I played a bit with the guild bank, and claimed the first slot for myself. It's great not having to relog now to get bandages or potions.

Battleground preparation time is great. Also, there's always a kind mage now who casts Ritual of Refreshment before the battle begins, so I can easily stack food for the whole day.

I don't think this was in the patch notes either - trinkets now show cooldown in spell description. A+

The number of Marks of Honor we get in mailbox is now also displayed without opening the mail first. Small change but hey, I noticed!

Daily quests for heroic instances have nice money rewards, but I'd rather get a bonus Badge of Justice instead of Ethereum Prison Key, especially since Mechanar is nerfed. My days of farming consortium reputation are long gone. Actually the quest in this image is for non-heroic instance, that's why you dont' get Badge of Justice.
Be careful with the chests in Hellfire Ramparts and Mechanar - supposedly you have to loot them first or you won't get Badge of Justice. Or something like that. Don't worry, it will be fixed in 2.4.

I hate it. I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it .....

Unfortunately, we don't get 4000 honor points, but 419 ain't such a bad bonus either, plus a bit of cash. Too bad it took me 2 and a half hours to win Arathi Basin. I guess alliance started winning more since noob classes like hunters and rogues got buffed (yes, flame me), and oh boy they got plenty of those.

Hehe's some other posts from the blogosphere which weren't published in time for my yesterday's 2.3 impressions.

  • Warlock Therapy needs some therapy. Seems two Azure Whelpings aren't enough so he had to farm more.
  • White Whisker has some tips for Zul'Aman Bear, Eagle and Lynx bosses.
  • Is Kaliope ever doing anything but farming?

Now post a comment on this post or I swear my next 10 posts will be rants and whining about hunters!

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