Addons: Advanced Tradeskill Window

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Advanced Trade Skill Window (ATSW) is a replacement for Blizzard's tradeskill window. It provides you with a much better overview of craftable items, and supports a number of useful features.

Although search is implemented in the standard interface now, ATSW has a much more advanced search functionality - you can filter items by level requirement, quality and more. It's much bigger than the standard interface so you can stop wasting time scrolling so much and trying to find a certain recipe.
It also supports production queues so you can go make yourself a cup of coffee or watch Lost. Furthermore, ATSW will show you all the reagents required to make an item, and whether you have them in your bank or on another character. It can even buy items from vendor as you produce them. The shopping list on Auction House does not work well with Auctioneer (at least not for me), but that's hardly an issue.

ATSW supports all professions, including secondary. It's just one of those addons I can't play without anymore. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Very good

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